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12 September 1993
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I'm not a normal girl,I don't like cell phone,motor ,make up and shopping,Ilove reading book and study...I'm good at it...they think i'm boring,like an old lady and weird...
I don't like to be pig (I'm pretty fat)and worm but like Pat and book said my name was it!!I found it's cute!!!
Although I think time changed my characters alot but I found I'm still childish and romantic...I like to image the world,paint,play mandolin...Chilhood is always a sweet and hurt thing to remember(hey!Have I out of it yet?I"m 15!),I like the magic of the poems,the drawing and misic,religional music and enjoy natural...Biking,photographing...whatever,I'm young ,I enjoy my life in my way and I think I have notthing to complain!!!Yahooo!!